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kind. fierce. brave.

In the midst of all the connecting, collaborating, co-learning and business mentorship - you are the most important person in the room! (drizzles cheese)

Created and founded by Ashley Knight, HBC is also mobilised by an all-star cast - so you're always safe and supported.

Come flourish fearlessly in the company of other like-minded women who will add a little bit of razzle to your dazzle!


Before teaching you how to flex your profit making and planning skills, Ashley will help you design simple strategies that will grow your brand, income and audience online.

This boss momma and serial planner should never be made to choose between coffee, Kit-Kats and her bullet journal. Next time you see her; whether on a Facebook live, or in a shopping mall, ask her about the cup song! It’s her thing!


Jenni Petersen

COMMUNITY SUPPORT MANAGER Jenni encompasses everything that is #VAGoals...we’d love to work at Skivvy!

She’s one tiny person, but her hands have birthed what we predict will be one of the most respected and sought after virtual assistant companies in South Africa (and the world!).

Outside of obliterating tasks from her fancy-pants self-built website software, and sharing her sweet heart and skills here as part of the HBC team, Jenni also loves showing the local marathon circuit who’s boss.

COMMUNITY MODERATOR Our ginger binge! Wietske inspires us all with the story of quitting her nine to five so that she can devote a larger portion of her day to caring for her seven year old Great Dane, Ruby, who lives with Canine Epilepsy.

Armed with the most infectious laugh, and her BA and Honors degree in Psychology, there’s no way this health nut won’t creep into your heart and add some zen to your workflow.

She's quite possibly one of the hardest working people we know and LOVES her work as a VA - she lives and breathes all things Ruby and her biz, but not before whipping up some yummy dog biscuits for her Rubylicious biz too! 


Wietske Lentink


Taryn Cross

LEGAL SUPPORT & COMMUNITY MODERATOR Taryn is our resident legal eagle and a self-professed power nap connoisseur!

She’s all about making life less complicated – and has rounded up a team of VA’s to fight the noble cause. Taryn’s family holidays are to die for; it’s no wonder that the TripAdvisor app is her fave! You'll find her glamping or keeping the HBC crew on the right side of the law.

COMMUNITY PHOTOGRAPHER Three of Wilma’s favourite words are ‘honest’, ‘authentic’ and ‘natural’.

She is the most gentle soul, but makes these bold statements in her work as a wedding and lifestyle photographer.

Wilma’s feel-good photo style is your visual reminder that you are absolutely gorgeous and have a life worth squeezing into the most beautiful frame you can find!

This choccie-loving Dutch gal calls South Africa her home, but travels often! Please tell her to leave room for us in her suitcase next time she visits the Netherlands…


Wilma Towell

kelsea (1)

Kelsea Lindsay

SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR & COMMUNITY MODERATOR Kelsea is young, well-travelled and at the tipping point of a very promising and diverse career in social media - and anything else she puts her mind to!

Newly engaged to her sweetheart Niels, who finds his occupation as a maritime engineer, we can often find Kelsea off on new adventures all over the world!

While we'd probably use all that traveling to soak up the sun, snow or sights - Kelsea is an eager philanthropist, often volunteering during her trips abroad, and of course sharpening her business skills as our community social media co-ordinator

Kelsea is infectiously optimistic and we'd love some of her chutzpah with our morning coffee! BCom in hand, and customer experience at the front of her mind, Kelsea is a pure delight in any workplace. Experienced in childcare and mentored by Ashley Knight in all things online - we are excited to see this social media star rise.

WEBSITE DEVELOPER Twenty four hours doesn’t seem like much, but Chantal’s genius biz concept proves that big ideas can come to life before the clock strikes twelve!

1 Day Webs, her second baby (coming after the precious Charlotte of course) cures website shame – in, you guessed it, one day!

But that’s not all, Chantal is also a reseller of web hosting services and can register a domain for you in two-seconds flat – acting as a welcoming and capable face behind the techie web jargon!

When Chantal is not fighting server demons, she can be found reclining on a comfy couch with a glass of wine in hand!


Chantal Edouard-Betsy


Liesel & Gitta

GRAPHIC DESIGN How’d you like to work with your sister? The "Bash girls" (as we like to call them) are a match made in heaven, and together, they make all our family biz dreams come true!

Blood sisters and besties, Liesel & Gitta are mammas, joy seekers, and connoisseurs of great design!

They add powerful (and pretty) visual art to your joy-filled occasions, whether that be in business or weddings. Liesel & Gitta are definitely the cool kids in our crowd – quickly but (kindly) pointing out what’s hip and what’s not happening!

Where there are paper packages, font choices for form and function and prints to die for – there is Bash Design Studio, your partner in branding; so good there’s always cause for celebration!

COMMUNITY VIDEOGRAPHER Dawn Oosthuis is a charming cinematographer who can teach you a thing or two about eliminating stress when shooting your next event or special occasion!

Always smiling, always happy, Dawn is a mom to three blonde-haired beauties, Ethan, Casey and Myla.

She loves spending time with her bearded musician, Norton, who knows that the way to her heart is through equal parts coffee and chocolate!

Durban, South Africa is home, but her passion for timeless and creative videography goes on for miles. Dawn can be found at Beyond Measure and 9milmedia.


Dawn Oosthuis

Lucinda AshRetreat_DerrynSchmidt_253

Lucinda Delaney

CONFERENCE CO-ORDINATOR Lucinda has a sweet spot for luxurious events, and describes any occasion as a declaration to the world - declarations she makes with elegance and poise!

Lucinda Delaney is the maker of lush, blush and sparkly experiences. She can plan, design and create your dream event in graceful, glamourous, fairy godmother-like motions.

Adoring clients and colleagues will tell you that Luci is a stickler for creativity and logistics (not to mention her love for all things cheesecake!) - making her a dream to work with. This Durban girl turns your event stress into memories that will last long after you’ve swallowed your champers and kicked off your heels!

Lucinda is mom to Rhys, and wife to Grant - and they are biker boys through and through. She’s always up for their adventures, but true to form, her signature femme flair is never missing from the Delaney household!

COPYWRITER Ashleigh can write herself out of almost any situation! Stick her in a pretty room with wifi and a laptop – and she’s utterly content.

Cruising these VA streets with her curly bob and pink lips, Ashleigh channels a bit of Devil Wears Prada wherever she goes. Eyes on a Fortune 500 Company and New York Times Best Seller, Ashleigh believes in SnapChat filters and words worth saying.


Ashleigh Easthorpe


Derryn Schmidt

CONFERENCE DIRECTOR Derryn is a conduit for happily ever afters and the most epic business workshops on this side of KZN, South Africa!

Joining us from the coveted Hooray Workshops, Derryn curates events that make you laugh, and feel, and live and learn - something you'd expect from someone who claims to have had 75 000 cups of coffee (or is that tea?) & 9999 million belly laughs!

Finding her roots in some of the most beautiful wedding photography we've ever seen, Derryn lives in the community of Salt Rock (sounds beachy, doesn't it?) with her husband Mark, her daughter Ellie, and their dog Luna.

Having written a gazillion heartfelt blog posts on topics ranging from weddings to business - we're not sure what we love most, Derryn's genuine interest in the communities she serves, or the stunning concepts she brings to life to serve them.

We'll take both!